Schools Program

We’ve started piloting our Schools Program with 7 different local schools – see below tabs for what the Food Collective and the schools have been up to.

Frozen Meal Donations

Edgars Creek Secondary College – Donated approximately 30 freshly cooked meals a fortnight for the past month and wish to continue doing so into Term 3.

St Monicas College – Students cooked a whopping 250 meals in a single afternoon to donate to WFC

Volunteer Programs

St Monicas College – Students volunteered every Wednesday for 5 weeks of Term 2.

Ivanhoe Grammar Doreen – Students helped us paint our compost bin mural and make our beautiful scarecrow.

Indigenous Gardening Program

Koori VCAL Melbourne Polytechnic Epping – Students have made some beautiful garden beds and a great sign for their garden area at WFC.

Gardening Program and Fresh Food Donations

Ashley Park Primary School, Doreen – Students have helped WFC harvest some fresh carrots and spinach from the garden to contribute to our fresh vegetable section of the supermarket.

St Mary’s Parish Primary School, Whittlesea – Students have planted 14 different winter vegetables growing that will contribute to the supermarket and giving their teachers a fresh food lunch.

Sustainability Program

Hume Anglican Grammar Donnybrook; Primary School – Students are learning about how to reduce waste and find new purposes for old items.