Whittlesea Food Collective

Established in 2019, the Whittlesea Food Collective (WFC) is creating a more equitable food system in the City of Whittlesea by supporting households experiencing financial hardship, strengthening community connections and improving health and wellbeing. The Food Collective is also increasing training and employment opportunities through community based food production and distribution.

In 2022 we secured funding through Vic Health’s Future Healthy initiative to expand on our existing activities and develop programs that improve access to fresh, affordable, culturally appropriate and locally grown food for the community.

Why we are doing this

Food Insecurity
ABS figures show that the City of Whittlesea is the fifth most disadvantaged metropolitan municipality in Victoria.  17% of Whittlesea residents live in poverty (VCOSS) and there are increasing levels of food insecurity.  Local mapping demonstrates high ratios of fast food outlets to fresh  (4.5:1).  52% of people within City of Whittlesea do not meet dietary guidelines on consumption of fruit and vegetables, increasing their risk of obesity and diet-related chronic diseases.

Social Inclusion

29% of people who live in the City of Whittlesea report that they do not feel connected to the local community.

Workforce and Educational Engagement

There are lower levels of workforce and educational engagement in the City of Whittlesea than in Greater Melbourne and 66% of people travel outside of the municipality for work.

Environmental Sustainability

The City of Whittlesea is rapidly growing and using its resources and natural assets at a rate and in a way that is unsustainable. Protecting the environment is one of the biggest concerns identified by the community.

Food Collective Mission:

Support the creation of a more equitable food system in the City of Whittlesea while working towards:

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Building D, Melbourne Polytechnic (Epping Campus), Cooper St & Dalton Rd, Epping VIC 3076