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Whittlesea Food Collective Donation Appeal 

As little as $40 will feed a family for a week.

The housing crisis and high cost of living means families in your community who were previously in a stable financial position are suddenly struggling to cope.

Vanita and her husband had just bought their first home after 15 years of renting and saving, when she was diagnosed with a very rare and disabling disease that meant she couldn’t work. Her incredibly expensive medical bills meant the family quickly fell behind on their mortgage repayments and buying groceries to feed their three children became almost impossible.

These types of stories are becoming more and more common in our community. But with your help, we can always be here to support families when they need us most. Please give $40 – or more – to feed a family today.

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For information about how you can support us financially contact Kim on 03 9401 6666 or email