Feedback and Complaints

We value feedback to continue to improve our service. If you have any suggestions on how we can do things better, please fill in the form below.


We want to make sure everyone has a meaningful experience at Whittlesea Community Connections. If you are unhappy with any program or service, please fill in the complaint form below. Kindly include your contact details so we can get in touch with you.

Complaint Form

Describe in detail the nature of your complaint or feedback, including the name of any individuals involved and any witnesses or proof you might have. Date of the event and actions of those involved.
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Other ways to make a complain:  

External complaints

Complaints about lawyers may be made to:

The Legal Services Commissioner

Level 9, 330 Collins Street 

Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone:  1300 796 344 (local call within Victoria) or 9679 8001 Web:


Complaints under the Victims’ Charter

Victims’ Charter Act 2006 in Victoria sets out the legal principles on how the criminal justice system, and agencies that work with victims of crime, should respond to victims of crime.

Read more information on the Victims of Crimes Commissioner’s website – Understanding the victims’ charter.

WCC responds to complaints about our victim services in accordance with the Act.

Victims can complain directly to the Victims of Crime Commissioner (VOCC). Call 1800 010 017 or email

For further information on how the VOCC assesses and investigates complaints please refer to the VOCC page Assessing and investigating complaints.


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