Volunteer Management Tools

This resource has been developed for Volunteer Involving Organisations to provide guidance on good practice principles as outlined in The Volunteer National Standards. Each of the eight standards listed here has links to some great tools to help you to provide a positive experience for your volunteers.

1. Leadership and Management

The governing body and senior employees lead and promote a positive culture towards volunteering and implement effective management systems to support volunteer involvement.

Definition of Volunteering
Volunteering is time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain. Set by the governing body Volunteering Australia. This page provides the background and context to the definition.

Volunteer Management Toolkit
Volunteering Victoria provide a Volunteer Management Toolkit and includes, hints and tips for best practice, useful links & downloadable templates

Volunteer Rights & Responsibilities
A video created by Whittlesea Community Connections.

National Volunteer Guide
The National Volunteer Guide provides an overview of the key legal obligations organisations owe volunteers and provides practical examples, template documents and tips to assist in their understanding.

Leading People During Covid-19
A comprehensive list of resources by Volunteering Victoria for the management of volunteers during Covid-19.

2. Commitment to Volunteer Involvement

Commitment to volunteer involvement is set out through vision, planning and resourcing, and supports the organisation’s strategic direction.

Volunteer Strategy Tips
Tip sheet on how to develop a Volunteer Strategy.

Disability Inclusion in Volunteering
A series of 4 online micro-credentials designed by Coonara Community House for anyone in any organisation who wants to learn how to more effectively and respectfully include volunteers with disability.

3. Volunteer Roles

Volunteers are engaged in meaningful roles which contribute to the organisation’s purpose, goals and objectives.

Volunteering Australia
A helpful toolkit on Designing Volunteer Roles and Position Descriptions.

4. Support & Development

Volunteers understand their roles and gain the knowledge, skills and feedback needed to safely and effectively carry out their duties.

Guide for Training Volunteers
National Volunteer Skills Centre & Volunteering Australia have produced a practical guide for training volunteers in two parts. Download Part 1 and Part 2.

Supervision Help Sheet
This help sheet produced by Our Community explains supervising volunteers.

Animated Guides About Volunteering and Volunteer Management
Volunteering Victoria’s animated guides cover topics such as: Welcome back, team!, Returning back to volunteering as restrictions ease in Victoria, COVID-19: Re-starting your volunteer program, Volunteering safely under different COVID-19 response stages, Volunteer management during COVID-19, Informal volunteering COVID-19, Guide to volunteering and LGBTIQ volunteers – inclusive practice.

5. Recruitment & Selection

Volunteer recruitment and selection strategies are planned, consistent and meet the needs of the organisation and volunteers.

Not for Profit Law 30 minute e-learning module on volunteer recruitment
This 30 minute module will help you feel confident to fairly and safely recruit the volunteers you need to support your organisation.

Not for Profit Law 4 minute video on managing volunteers

Recruiting, Inducting, Managing & Ending the Volunteer Relationship
An excellent guide produced by Not for Profit Law providing guidance on recruiting, inducting, managing and ending the volunteer relationship.

6. Workplace Safety & Wellbeing

The health, safety and well-being of volunteers is protected in the workplace.

Risk Management Tool for Volunteer Involving Organisations
Volunteering Australia developed this tool to provide a step by step guide on the risk management process.

Not for Profit Law Insurance & Risk Management for Community Organisations
The guide provides detailed information on risk management strategies and different insurance products that can be used as part of a community organisation’s risk management Australia wide.

VMIA Community Service Organisations Program
VMIA’s Community Service Organisations’ (CSO) Insurance Program provides insurance coverage for eligible community service organisations funded by Victorian State Government Departments.

Guidance for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Planning in the Community Sector
The COVID-19 Plan developed by The Department of Health and Human Services for the Victorian Community Services providing overarching guidance for the community services sector to inform its detailed pandemic response and business continuity planning.

Volunteers and COVID-19
Safework Australia information intended to help volunteer organisations and volunteers understand their work health and safety (WHS) duties in relation to COVID-19.

Creating a COVID Safe Workplace
This comprehensive guide sets out steps your organisation needs to take when you’re thinking of bringing your people – your staff, managers and volunteers – back to their usual workplace.

7. Volunteer Recognition

Volunteer contribution, value and impact is understood, appreciated and acknowledged.

Australian Taxation Office
The Australian Taxation office outlines obligations to volunteers.

8. Quality Management & Continuous Improvement

Effective volunteer involvement results from a system of good practice, review and continuous improvement.

Our Community Help Sheet on Retention
This help sheet produced by Our Community explains surveying volunteers for feedback.

Not-for-profit Law has produced a series of webinars to help organisations distinguish between volunteers and other workers, learn about volunteers versus unpaid workers, and understand key legal issues to be aware of in relation to youth volunteers.

Managing Volunteers Remotely
A video training module produced by Volunteering Victoria.