Industry Connect Mentoring

Industry Connect Mentoring is a program that pairs adults from migrant, refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds who are looking for pathways into professional employment, with volunteer mentors from the same industry. Beginning February 2021, mentors will help participants to improve their industry knowledge, connections and confidence for employment in Australia. Mentors and participants will meet for an hour a fortnight to work on the participant’s goals. Mentoring can happen as a combination of face to face and online contacts. Mentors will arrange a workplace visit or networking event attendance so participants put their learning into action. ​At the conclusion of the program in November 2021 participants and mentors will celebrate their partnership successes at a graduation event.

Industry Connect Mentoring is currently recruiting mentors. Training is planned for the end of January 2021. Mentoring partnerships will commence in February 2021 and conclude in November 2021.

Mentor criteria:

  • 3+ years professional experience in Australia
  • Currently employed or recently retired
  • Interest in working with adults from other cultures and sharing knowledge of Australia
  • Interest in learning about the refugee experience within Australia.

Mentors will be recruited according to participant professional background, and participant’s preference for their mentor’s gender. Additional factors are a match of availability and geographic proximity. Geographic proximity can be overcome if well-matched mentors and participants agree to online mentoring. It is possible that not every mentor applicant will be matched to a participant.

Participants must be residents of the City of Whittlesea and WCC hosted events will occur at our premises in Epping 3076.

To enquire about becoming an Industry Connect Mentor, please contact Jennie Barnes on 03 9401 6668 or
You can download the Position Description here.