Women’s Employment & Empowerment

Try new types of work, build your skills, and increase your confidence.

Women’s Employment and Empowerment provides training opportunities and employment pathways for local work, today and in the future.

Empowered happy women working in the transport industry wearing high visibility clothing

The program is aimed at overcoming the employment challenges faced by:

  • Young women.
  • Women returning to the workforce.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.
  • Women from refugee and migrant backgrounds.
  • Women with disabilities.

Smart disabled coder sitting in wheelchair and using computers while working from home
Training will focus on building skills in areas including:

  • Digital technologies.
  • Trades and construction.
  • Small business and self-employment.
  • Leadership and career progression.

Women, trans women and non-binary folk from all cultures are warmly welcome.

Workshops are delivered in English.

Upcoming training events:

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