Transport Service Details

The Whittlesea Community Transport Service is for people who live in the City of Whittlesea and as a result of challenges related to age, health, income experience transport related disadvantage.

Types of Journeys

  • Community Transport can assist with journeys to:
  • Health and medical appointments (not including medical emergencies)
  • Essential community, welfare and professional services
  • Social support or health group activities
  • Essential food shopping
  • Visit friends and relatives at health or care facilities

Who can use the service?

  • To qualify for the service people must:
  • Live in the City of Whittlesea
  • Have a disadvantage related to age, illness or income
  • Not have a relative or friend available to either drive them or assist them on public transport
  • Can’t use transport services independently
  • Not have accessible public transport close to where they live

How are referrals made?

A referral from a community, health, welfare or social services worker is required or clients can refer themselves. Click here for a referral form.

  1. Referral procedures include:
  2. Completion of a referral form that is either mailed or emailed to Whittlesea Community Transport Service
  3. Once the form is received our staff will contact the client to check eligibility and confirm availability of service.
    The service will then be delivered to the client

The more notice we have of the need for a service the more likely we will be to meet the request. We prefer 10 days notice for transport requests