Community Conservation at Wollert Community Farm

August 27, 2022

We are excited to announce two new grants that support local conservation work:

  • Parks Victoria Volunteering Innovation Fund grant supports grassland restoration in Galgi Ngarrk (Craigieburn Grasslands)
  • Melbourne Water Liveable Communities Liveable Waterways grant supports improving the ecological health of Curly Sedge Creek project.

Our goal is to support regional grassland restoration by producing native seed and to increase community knowledge and capacity to lead conservation locally.

What we will do

WCC and community members will be collecting seed, and helping with related projects work – revegetation in Galgi Ngarrk and along the farm’s Curly Sedge Creek. We are working to establish a grassland seed production area (SPA) at Wollert Community Farm to support direct seeding projects on the farm site and in Galgi Ngarrk in the short term.

We have partnered with Parks Victoria to collect seeds from the grassland to supply the SPA. In the following seasons we will introduce seeds and tube stock back into the site. In the long-term we will be working to integrate the SPA into our on-site social enterprise native nursery to supply seeds to conservation workers regionally.

Download it here: WCC_WollFarm_ConservationFlyer [VR1]_25-8-22

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