About Us

For more than 40 years, Whittlesea Community Connections (WCC) has been an integral part of the municipality, providing vital services to disadvantaged people. We review our approach and critically examine the way we work as we owe it to the community to be as effective as possible. We are consistent with our own values and commit to staying accountable.

Our 2018-2021 Strategic Plan drives our focus as we work towards five important initiatives. We are proud to work collaboratively to achieve our vision.

Access to housing and reducing homelessness

WCC’s Housing Brokerage and Support Project are fighting homelessness in the City of Whittlesea. In September 2019, WCC helped to establish the Whittlesea Housing and Homelessness Action Group (WHAAG). Through strong community partnerships, the WHAAG’s collective focus is to respond to housing needs and homelessness. The WCC is proud to work with other WHAAG members to achieve this outcome.

Actively engage in strengthening multiculturalism

Whittlesea is a diverse community with a strong history of multiculturalism. WCC works to increase the capacity of community groups to implement change that supports equity and inclusion.

Improve equity of access to information, support and services

WCC works with at-risk people to ensure they have the appropriate information and support to overcome difficulties. WCC collaborates with other service providers and all levels of government to inform and advocate for social change.

Increase gender equality in community settings

WCC has been integral to the establishment of programs that increase women’s participation and leadership within the community. WWC funds the CALD Women’s advisory group which deals with issues impacting women and community development.

Improve opportunities and outcomes for young people

WCC supports the engagement of young people. Through a variety of programs, we have seen young people develop their leadership and advocacy skills, become more confident. Young people become more socially aware and find different platforms to shout out their collective voices.