City of Whittlesea needs a Youth Space

December 7, 2022

Written by Ruqia Mohamed

This petition is presented by the WCC-Youth Advocacy Group-The LOT is running this for young people so our voices are amplified and our demands for change are heard and fulfilled.

We are aware the City of Whittlesea is a municipality with only one dedicated safe youth space compared to our neighbouring municipalities- The City of Hume with a similar demographic has 5 youth spaces to cater to the growth and stability of their young people, This is something that needs addressing in the City of Whittlesea, which is home to an increasing population of 45,645 young people. There needs to be more than just one youth space to cater to the overwhelming need and the large geographic area with limited public transport. Having more youth spaces in different suburbs allows for young people to safely gather, especially after COVID has created a gap in our social, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Now is the time to action the implementation of a new youth hub in order to prevent limiting the potential of our young people and our future leaders. Our vision is:

1. A new dedicated safe space for young people by young people, meaning we value our ability to lead and manage our hubs.

2. A new space where we feel free to express ourselves creatively and through our diversity.

3. Advocating on behalf of our own needs and our community’s needs.

4. Supporting our peers learning, social and wellbeing needs.

5. Providing timely, relevant and accurate referrals and information to hub users.

6. Fostering and maintaining connections between our young people and celebrating our wins together.

We are in this together and every sign counts towards the investment of our future.

We ask that The Victorian Government commit to working with young people in The city of Whittlesea to develop new youth led youth spaces.

Written by young people from The City of Whittlesea for young people and future young people-children from The City of Whittlesea.

If you want to be a part of the cause , email

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