As little as $40 will feed a family for a week.

The housing crisis and high cost of living means families in your community who were previously in a stable financial position are suddenly struggling to cope — even finding it difficult to afford basic groceries.

Vanita and her husband had just bought their first home after 15 years of renting and saving, when she was diagnosed with a very rare and disabling disease that meant she couldn’t work. Her incredibly expensive medical bills meant the family quickly fell behind on their mortgage repayments.

Buying groceries to feed their three children became almost impossible.

“It was the lowest point in my life,” Vanita says. “I'm talking no money, no food, depression, everything. I felt like I was going to die. And I was worried: how am I going to feed the kids?”

Then she heard about Whittlesea Community Connection’s Food Collective. There she met one of our brilliant case workers, Ginette, who quickly got to work sourcing enough groceries to feed the family of five, as well as helping Vanita to access financial and emotional counselling.

“To have some fresh veggies and some fresh meat, and also canned goods and pasta … I just kept crying. I was worried about being judged but Ginette was so supportive,” says Vanita.

“If we hadn’t found Whittlesea Community Connections, we would’ve lost our house, a hundred percent. They helped me access so many support services that I didn’t know existed.”

Sadly, these types of stories are becoming more and more common in our community. But with your help, we can always be here to support families when they need us most. Please give $40 – or more – to feed a family today.

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Whittlesea Community Connections is a community–based organisation fostering relationships within the municipality of Whittlesea. To better understand community needs, we ask people to have their say about important local issues.


Everyone should have equal access to the community’s resources and services. Our vision is for a Whittlesea in which people and agencies work together to make a positive difference in their community.
What we do

What we do

WCC offers services that address disadvantages within Whittlesea. Our programs encourage community participation and involvement. We are independent of any government, political or religious ideology and of any vested economic interests.


I have had a truly unique and rewarding experience at WCC. They ensure that all my questions are answered in the best possible way and I was assisted as soon as I stepped in. The smiling faces at the reception made my journey very comfortable from the beginning.

James T

A huge thank you to the legal for all the help and support. I was unsure if I could get the replies to my questions but the not only ensured that I got them but also made sure that I got the best support for my case. I am very grateful for everything they did for me.

Hassan K

I had a wonderful experience while chatting with a person at the WCC call center. They made sure that I was connected to the right person for my problem. They supported my needs and I am very thankful for their support.